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Bleph-Ex is a great tool to remove scales and debris found in moderate to severe blepharitis. It is an important part of our dry eye protocol. Our patients find the procedure easily to tolerate and report a significant improvement in the eyes following the procedure. Bleph-Ex has changed the way we treat seborrhea type blepharitis.

- Trevor Miranda, OD
South Cowichan Eyecare, Optometrists - www.myeyecare.ca
Cobble Hill, BC

“BlephEx treatment has been a marvelous addition to our armamentarium for the management of blepharitis, meibomian gland disease and other forms of ocular surface anomalies. The procedure is comfortable, easy to perform and highly effective.

Our experiences with BlephEx treatment have been quite impressive in the management of both clinical findings and subjective symptoms when used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment approach.”

- S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO
North Suburban Vision Consultants, Ltd., President and Medical Director - www.nsvc.com
National Keratoconus Institute, President and Medical Director - www.nkci.org
EyeVis Eye and Vision Research Institute

Blephex has been an extremely exciting option to be able to offer my blepharitis/dry eye patients at The Dry Eye Center at Hudson Valley Eye Surgeons. Unlike many of the unreasonably priced new options for treating blepharitis, this is something ALL my blepharitis patients can take advantage of.

I am extremely skeptical of new added dry eye services but was so impressed with the almost immediate improvement in symptoms I see in most patients. I was equally impressed by the number of patients looking forward to the treatment every few months. This is now an important tool in our dry eye treatment plan.

- Daniel Brocks



My experience with Blephex to date has been fantastic.

- Dr Jim Kokkinakis, OD
Senior Lecturer University of NSW - The Eye Practice - www.theeyepractice.com.au
Sydney, Australia

After years of struggling with patients with significant amounts of blepharitis, I now find that I can virtually eliminate the presence of active blepharitis discharge with the BlephEx procedure. Patients tell us that they feel like we have given their eyelids the best massage ever but therapeutically, it works to jump start the blepharitis treatment protocol. Patients are happy as the irritation and discharge is gone and it makes their home care that much easier than before. The procedure is easy to perform and the results are wonderful.

- John L. Schachet, OD
Eyecare Consultants Vision Source - Englewood, CO