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BlephEx - A Retrospective Analysis of Data Pre and Post Treatment Alice Epitropoulos, MD 

177 patients* in total were treated with the BlephEx procedure. Measurements were taken prior to treatment and again a intervals ranging from 1 week to 16 weeks after treatment. Dry eye disease was evaluated using TBUT along with SPEED SCORE, and OSDI questionaires. Ancillary treatments (artificial tears, etc) were unchanged pre and post treatment.

TBUT was evaluated in 90 patients:
The avg pre-tx TBUT = 5.6 seconds
The avg post-tx TBUT = 9.3 seconds
The results represent a 66% increase in TBUT, with an average follow up time of 3.8 weeks

SPEED score was evaluated in 40 patients:
The avg pre-tx SPEED score = 11.5
The avg post-tx SPEED score = 5.85
The results represent 49% decrease in SPEED scores, with an average follow up time of 5.4 weeks

OSDI score was evaluated in 15 patients:
The avg pre-tx OSDI score = 50.60
The avg post-tx OSDI = 32.3
The results represent a 36% decrease in OSDI scores

study retrospective

The results of this analysis closely mimic a previous study on 20 MGD patients performed by Mulder, et al, in 2014, in which the results included TBUT and OSDI. They found that after 4 weeks of follow up, TBUT increased by 65% and OSDI decreased by 53.5%. While not a prospective, controlled study, these consistent results should compel us to re-evaluate how we are currently treating our dry eye patients, and seriously consider adding the biofilm-removing BlephEx to our standard dry eye treatment protocol.

*Practices submitting data for this analysis were: Michiana Eye Center, Dr. Oliver, Midway Optometry, Dr. Gregory Hayden, Dr. Anil Sethi, Florida Eye Specialists, Dr. Fikret Kajoshaj, Dr. Kyle Ross, Dr. Tauseef U. Tahir, Dr. Eric Schmidt, Dr. Debra Koloms, Dr. Alice Epitropoulos, Dr. Richard Kootman, Dr. Lisa Ely, Dr. Srihari Narayanan, Dr. Stéphane Laframboise, Orlando Eye Institute, Virginia Eye Center, Dr. Scott Schachter, Eye Institute Of South Jersey, Dr. Charles Clayton, Dr. Susan Watson, Dr. Lisa Chriss, Focus Eyecare Centre, Dr. Doug Devries, Dr. Shalu Pal, Dr. Steven DeGroff, Bundy Premier Eye Center, Collins Vision, Dr. Helen Boerman, Dr. Kevin Gee, Vision Source Willowbrook

Clinical Effectiveness of Lid Debridement with BlephEx Treatment

Daniel Mulder, Kirsti Kyser, Bonnie Rosenberg, Charles Connor, Christopher Choat, Srihari Narayanan 
University of the Incarnate Word, Rosenberg School of Optometry, San Antonio, Texas

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