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"We are loving our Blephex. It was a little slow to get started, so I offered free treatments to 3 of my worst dry eye and blepharitis patients. That's all it took. We now have a real buzz going. The staff is enthusiastic, and patients are bringing in their family members and friends. A few people are already scheduling their next treatments several months out."

- Julie S. Lee, MD
President, Kentucky Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

“I have found great success with the use of the BlephEx® device not only for anterior blepharitis cleaning and treatment in cases of staphylococcal and demodex blepharitis, but also to remove biofilms from the lower eyelid margin in patients with MGD. The clinical effectiveness and response from patients has been remarkable”

- Paul Karpecki, OD

I started doing Blephex in April after talking with Dr. Walter Fried at ASCRS.

I find the procedure very easy to perform in the office setting and the success rate is high. I specialize in dry eye treatment, and I like most corneal specialists I have patients who have been refractory to all therapy (hot compresses, lid scrubs, Restasis, steroids, plugs, tears, Doxy, and more exotic treatments, such as meibomian gland probing and autologus serum.)

I offered Blephex® to a patient 2 months ago who has had the entire gamut of treatment with minimal improvement. Her chief complaint was that she could not read for more than 5 minutes without her vision getting blurry. I saw her last week and she was ecstatic because she could now read without blurry vision. She is an avid reader, and was thrilled that she could enjoy her books.

I saw a patient today for whom I had recommended MG probing in the past but she felt it would be to painful and she declined treatment. She is 85 with heavily blocked MG, and I was worried that her glands were too atrophied for an adequate treatement response. I treated her 2 weeks ago and I saw her today and this was the first time in 5 years when she felt that her eyes were not burning all day.

- Brett Levinson, MD
Corneal and Anterior Segment Surgery

I have used Blephex® on several of my patients since acquiring it after AAO in situations with moderate dry eye and/or blepharitis. It has been of substantial benefit to my patients with effects persisting for over 4 months. It has opened up the tear glands and reduced corneal staining and symptoms. It is easy to perform and there is no pain. It has been a great addition to my "bag of tricks" for these frustrating situations. I highly recommend.

- Bala Ambati, MD

I have a dedicated Dry Eye Clinic and see many patients with moderate to severe Meibomian Gland Dysfunction / blepharitis associated with their Dry Eye. Most of the patients have a difficult time with proper "lid hygiene" or are simply non-compliant. Since this is such an important part of the treatment for evaporative Dry Eye, a lot of these individuals don't experience as much improvement as they should.

The Blephex® device has proven to be a fantastic addition to our treatment options...patients rave about how "clean" and "light" their eyes feel and show clear cut improvement on exam. I have used this alone and in conjunction with IPL treatments and find it to be a great way to jump start the process of reversing the spiral of chronic blepharitis / Dry Eye...it's quick and easy for both patient and clinician and I highly recommend it. We bought two units which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of changing tips between lids allowing us to easily fit patients into our busy schedules. This is a real winner!

- James F Collins MD
The Center for Eye Care and Optical

Blephex® has been an extremely exciting option to be able to offer my blepharitis/dry eye patients at The Dry Eye Center at Hudson Valley Eye Surgeons. Unlike many of the unreasonably priced new options for treating blepharitis, this is something ALL my blepharitis patients can take advantage of.

I am extremely skeptical of new added dry eye services but was so impressed with the almost immediate improvement in symptoms I see in most patients. I was equally impressed by the number of patients looking forward to the treatment every few months. This is now an important tool in our dry eye treatment plan.

- Daniel Brocks, MD

Bleph-Ex® is a great tool to remove scales and debris found in moderate to severe blepharitis. It is an important part of our dry eye protocol. Our patients find the procedure easily to tolerate and report a significant improvement in the eyes following the procedure. Bleph-Ex® has changed the way we treat seborrhea type blepharitis.

- Trevor Miranda, OD
South Cowichan Eyecare, Optometrists - www.myeyecare.ca
Cobble Hill, BC