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I have several autoimmune diseases and suffer from dry, uncomfortable eyes. I was so excited when my husband, Dr. Thomas C. McIntosh told me he was adding the BlephEx treatment as a service to our patients. He and my daughter completed the training in Raleigh, NC and I looked forward with anticipation to receiving my first treatment.

I was not disappointed! On the day of my first treatment, I was a bit anxious. All of my anxiety was completely eased, as the procedure was comfortable and to my surprise, quite relaxing! I compare it to a "spa procedure". As soon as my right eye was complete, I immediately noticed how "dirty" my left eye felt and could hardly wait for the treatment on the left eye to begin. After the treatment was completed, my eyes felt so fresh and clean. The BlephEx will certainly be a regular procedure for me every few months.

- Carolina Vision Care
Melonie Macintosh

Patient experience:
"As an Eye Care Professional I did not know exactly what was causing my dry eyes. I did not have visable blepharitis and my glands did not look clogged, so when I had the BlephEx treatment and my eyelids expressed, I did not expect any big improvements, but my TBUT went from 4 seconds to 12 seconds in a 2 week period."

Practice experience
"Our office has had tremendous success combining the Oculus K5N, Eye Eco dry eye masks, and the BlephEx treatment. We feel the combination of treatments has elevated our dry eye level of care to new heights."

- Kevin Whaley, LDO
Practice Administrator The Eye Doctors


“After 100 procedures performed, I can tell you the wonderful results in killing Mites. BlephEx is an amazing product for managing patients with ocular surface disease. Not only does it clean the palpebral margin, but it also massages the MB glands. I really love BlephEx, as does my patients.”

- Sarah Veronica Benchimol, Benchimol Eye Clinic, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


“I was the first volunteer that you demonstrated the procedure on last night. The next morning my eyes were a little irritated when I stopped by the booth and bought the kit. By that evening my eyes were better. This morning and all day today my lids were not red, I actually felt moisture in my eyes when I woke up, and my conjunctivae were white. This is amazing! For the first time in decades my eyes look and feel good! I have not had to use a lubricating drop all day, and I usually use them every day. I was doing the Bruder mask every night with massage afterwards. I did not do lid scrubs much because they never seemed to work. I was about ready to go on Restasis, but have been delaying because of the cost. I also have used steroids and gotten short term relief. Punctal plugs also helped, but I could feel them, so had them removed. Finally I have found something that addresses the root of the problem and actually works! This is going to revolutionize my patient care. Thank you.”

- Michael Moorehead, O.D.
Hamilton Eyecare Center


“We have now had the BlephEx unit for about a month. In order to implement BlephEx into our office we did several steps. The first step was we dedicated a staff meeting to go over the reasons we are now doing BlephEx and how it was going to help our patients. Dr. Picken did the procedure on myself so the staff could watch. This allowed them to help understand how the procedure worked. We then put videos in each exam room that we obtained from your website. When a patient comes in for an exam and has any dry eye complaints the technician has them fill out the SPEED dry eye questionnaire and they are shown the video before the doctor sees them. If it is found during the exam that they are good candidates, we take pictures of their meibomian glands and blepharitis on their lids using the keratograph 5M. This helps the patient understand what is going on. After showing the pictures, doing the questionnaire and being told about the new procedure we have had very little resistance in going forward with the treatment. In three weeks we have done 15 procedures and patients coming back have been very pleased. We have started some on Cliradex at two weeks and explain at the procedure this is necessary if Demodex is the cause. The patients coming back being very pleased has made the entire office buy into the procedure. Thank you for giving us this new weapon to treat dry eyes.”

- Bill Welder, OD